Sunday, July 11, 2010

Clean up my Rails development environments...

I have not been working with Rails 2.x for a while, and recently I have upgraded my Ubuntu to the latest version 10.x. So, it was about the right time for me to revisit my Rails development environments to make sure that every modules/components get updated with the latest patches.

I did all of these while watching the final game of FIFA WorldCup, and my Linux virtual machine works perfectly on top of Windows 7 in my AMD 64x2 laptop.

Here is what I did for my development box ;-)

  1. I upgraded my VirtualBox to the latest version. Just realized that they changed the name of maker/provider from Sun to Oracle.
  2. I upgraded my Ubuntu to 10.04 Lucid Lynx. Yes, I really like their new user interface...very nice!
  3. I installed the latest version of Rails, and few gems that I am using such as Authlogic and Faker.
  4. I re-installed Komodo Editor 5 for my main editor for Rails. I like this editor better than gEdit for Rails project, and it really has been working great because Komodo Editor itself supports Rails folder structures. I added few key mappings for my needs to current profile as well.
(Komodo Editor 5 w/ Rails in Ubuntu Linux)

(settings in my preference)

Ok, everything seems to work fine for all of my projects in this new DEV box.
I revisited my web hosting account at RailsPlayground to install a couple of web-based applications under my domain too.

Rails has been a great web framework for my development needs (personal projects) especially for all kinds of database-driven web application in Linux, while I work as a .net/C# software engineer at my work.

I just want to thank everyone who's been working so hard to provide us such a great tool, framework, and utility...

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