Monday, December 29, 2014

Where do you keep your health record?

I have been using my own web application, 

This web application was originally developed solely for my own needs to keep my blood pressure readings along with my daily exercise activities. As I used it on a daily basis, I asked myself one day. "Why not have all of my key health records in my site?" Since I had some health issues to control on a daily basis, logging my activities and checking them from time to time have been an important part of my daily routine.

Please try and share your thoughts or comments with me. I will continue to enhance the site and application to benefit all users.

It is easy to use and simply makes sense.  See some screenshots from the site.

Log Your Daily Blood Pressure

Daily Average on Blood Pressure

Daily Average on Weight

Log Your Prescription

Log Other Test (Dental / Kidney / Head & Neck / etc)