Friday, January 30, 2009

The first Rails story on my blog...

This was copied from my new blog,

I am currently reading "The Art of Rails" to broaden my knowledge of Ruby on Rails, and I agree that this is one of the best RoR reference book for experienced/advanced RoR developer. This book covers many details of application development on web using RoR in Agile development way, and I have already started treating this book as my first reference book for RoR work.

I am trying to bring RoR technology to one of my off-hours project, and still I need to do some due deligence to convince my friends and colleagues of this Ruby on Rails.

Ah, my background before I jumped in to Ruby on Rails field was an application developer/software engineer on .net platform in asset management companies and I still do the same work of developing/supporting the portfolio management system. As I do work with RoR for my off-hours project, I will keep you posted with any progress I make.

More updates will be coming...

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Welcome aboard...

Hello all,

I welcome you to my new blog, risknet:lee, where I'd like to talk about anything related to c#, .net, and ruby on rails as a software engineer.